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Nothing is wrong with you at all. I’d bet that on a good day when things are going well, you can honestly say that everything is perfect. But for those among you who like to explore new horizons; be more productive, become more calm, a better listener, or plain healthier with more energy and throw

No Waiting

Thoughts have layers of function. It is only us who sets the boundaries. Know that thoughts and feelings are an exquisite part of the human psyche, rich in spirit and true being. To want to radiate expression is natural. Long live Homo sapiens! When we generate neurons into action, they don’t disappoint. Automatically the impulse


I see no choice; it is time for the convergence of the century. The parameters of inclusion go deep and reach far corners of existence everywhere. There is no person, animal, plant, airflow system, ocean current, liquid or mass, disassociated from this momentum. Equally abiding and significantly affected are feelings, prayers, habits, religion, cultural orientation,