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I see no choice; it is time for the convergence of the century. The parameters of inclusion go deep and reach far corners of existence everywhere. There is no person, animal, plant, airflow system, ocean current, liquid or mass, disassociated from this momentum.

Equally abiding and significantly affected are feelings, prayers, habits, religion, cultural orientation, mannerisms, behavior, ideology, politics and characteristics.  All are encompassed into the realm of powerful demarcation that sets precedent in our existence.

I would like to bring to your attention a concrete bit of evidence that history does repeat itself. When people share past life experiences—it lets us in to see how people aligned with the world.  We can possibly see, based on their particular belief patterns, conduct, doctrines and principles, how they came to equate modes of behavior.  And often, this paradigm of looking at life another way, can affect us, as well as raise concern.

From the very platforms that we stand on, no matter what that is; is it still desirable to move forward and gather strength from the deep manifestation of our souls?  As we transition into a parallel universe, will our assessment of our own value system continue to be our main form of identity or become obscured in a whirlwind?

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