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Just like Taylor Swift

Did you ever notice how a recording artist like Taylor Swift constantly acknowledges    her fans?  She thanks them for allowing her to make her music and for continually supporting her.  In the music business, where recording artists go out on the road to perform at concerts for exposure and to gain fans, rarely do the artists and record companies come back making money.  Concert touring is a competitive business, notorious for losing money.  Most concerts end up in the red.  This even happens to famous recording artists.  But it doesn’t happen to Taylor Swift.

Taylor’s concerts are always in the black.  Why?  Because Taylor performs to her audience like they are the blood that keeps her alive.  They mean everything to her.  She appreciates what she has been given, and that resonates with people.  Her genuine love for what she does comes from her eternal gratefulness to the millions of people who allow her to be her.  Taylor never loses sight of her goal—and that is to please her fans.

Worship the ground your body and soul, thankfully, walk on!  Gratitude and harmony go together.  Seek truth in all you do.  Deep down, you know what feels good, what is innately right and what your intuition is trying to tell you, whether you admit it or not.

And you are probably asking, “What’s this got to do with Taylor Swift?”  Taylor is our metaphor.  The way Taylor treats her fans is how you should treat your entire life, with respect and gratitude.  You are Taylor, your body is your audience, and your mind comes along for the concert!

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