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The Gorilla in the Room

A fascinating subject has come to my attention that I would like to share with you. It seems that the brain and eye connection runs deep. Studies were done by people with a theory that when you know something unexpected is occurring, it impacts your ability to see other unexpected events.
It is interesting to learn that the brain can unconsciously change your perception to meet your expectations using past experiences. Said another way, what you see may be biased by what you have experienced in the past.
We take for granted that our vision and being able to see is virtually effortless. Not so easily understood is how “seeing” actually affects the neurological processes which is somewhat of a complicated mechanism tied to the brain. Supposedly, there are over 20 different areas of the brain where processing visual information received from the retina goes through the optics nerve, directly to the brain.
Think about this for a moment, you know those magicians who try to trick you with optical illusions, kind of, “the hand is quicker than the eye,” it has nothing to do with your eyes. Your eyes aren’t missing anything, it’s your brain that receives the transmission and perceives what is happening before you. Stunningly, this is a viable tool that marketers and psychologists may be able to use to alter perception.
I would like to call your attention to this video that I want you to watch now. Please follow the directions in the video and after you watch the video, I will tell you more about what you saw and how it affected you, it is only 1.41 minutes long. Do not read the next paragraph until you have watched this short video.

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