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What Trees Know

Trees are strong, resilient and can last for hundreds of years. They also can keel over at any time and die suddenly. They can take abuse from being aligned next to a freeway as well as exist (not well) without proper soil and even water. It’s been said that when it rains, if you put your ear next to a tree, you can hear it singing. Trees are natural wonders of the earth and grow everywhere, in all kinds of conditions. A tree is sacred and can shield humans from environmental toxicity and too much sun. People worship trees, as they can be beautiful, spiritual and a source of food. All in all, trees reign proud. Who among us doesn’t appreciate the trees that outline our existence?

Enter, Kevin O’Leary, “Mr. Wonderful,” as he is known on Shark Tank. Kevin O’Leary reminds me of a tree. He doesn’t care what others say to him or about him; he does not falter or get shaken. He’s strong, proud, and lets his intentions be known. (I did notice this past year on Shark Tank that he dropped the, “You’re dead to me” line.)

Kevin O’Leary is obviously a very rich and accomplished man. I often wonder where and when he picked up the “Mr. Wonderful” title. Did he invent that identity to give himself more confidence? Did the hundreds of people he worked with over the years give him that name? Your guess is as good as mine. Here is what I do know: Mr. Wonderful is a very successful person. A tree is a pillar of strength, with the fortitude of wisdom and longevity. Likewise, Kevin O’Leary represents his impressive empire in the same way. No matter how Mr. Wonderful got that name, Kevin O’Leary truly believes that is exactly who he is. If you believe it, you are it!

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