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In Essential Outtakes, People establishes a conversational tone as she weaves stories from her powerful narrative with introspective questions for the reader.  These questions help them to unpack and heal what is plaguing them, in order to encourage them to see not only their life, but the world around them with new vision.  One example of this is People urges readers to take a step back from the technology that is dominating society in order to slow down, become more in tune with their surroundings and think for themselves.  Being true to her own beliefs, People has never needed to own a cell phone.

As a strong believer in one’s inner strength, she argues that some give up their divine powers too easily and become submissive in nature.  By empowering those who come across her book, People wishes to switch this current paradigm and foster deeper thinking and consciousness.

“Rarely is it all right to let someone else make decisions for you,” said People.  “Claim your right to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ It’s yours to have.  Hold on closely to it.”

People teaches readers that even the slightest changes can bring about a big impact in their lives.  She aims to ignite their intuition and illuminate pathways for personal development and encourages them to utilize their own innate powers.  By sharing her story, People hopes that others will find their own clarity, set clear intentions for their lives and think on their own two feet. To find out more about Frieda’s book and what it can do for you, please visit: