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Embrace for Impact

This is the time of year where we reflect mostly on ourselves. What can we improve on. What can we make better about ourselves.  It goes along with the promise and potential the New Year brings and it’s usually only about us.  But this year has been different.  It becomes obvious that there are elements far bigger than just little ol’ me and you affecting our existence.

This has been a particularly hard time for everyone, everywhere. We are amazed how we can be continually shocked, sad, mad and even a little crazy, at how strange our new reality is. I think the world needs a hug. In reality, everyone is connected to each other. Don’t all people have the same basic needs? It’s simple but most of the time, completely forgotten. We all need an emotional or spiritual lift once in awhile, so does our precious earth and the people on it.   See the good in life, help others see it too, preserve our environment, express gratitude, and pay it forward. It’s contagious.

I tell you, the world needs a hug – so I’m asking you to take a step forward and broaden your approach on how you think about things. You might want to take a look at what your values are. How you perceive the world around you can be consequential in the scope of greater understanding and improvement.  What if you could engage, fulfill, share more, and even experience more things in life.  This must be the natural order of things; the way we think and talk.

Your thinking automatically expands when you are allowed to be “you.”  You are meant to thrive in the direction of your own intuitive notion, like the rotating axis of the earth. We are all unique humans connected by the world’s threads of divinity.  Now if the so-called keepers of the universe would allow us true peace and the dignity that goes with our mind and body, that could refresh the planet in a big way!  But they won’t, so you must.

Trudge forward with plans of action to keep us safe and preserve our rights to exist as free entities.  If we can step out of our “uncomfortable zone” and bring others into our fold, no matter what we are going through, we are not only nourishing our souls but also connecting on a higher plane. If you think you are the only one going through something, think again.  Many others can relate to what you are going through right now.  A chain has to start somewhere.  Why not with you?  Like-minded people can attract other people who share the same visions and that can achieve greater goals, extending farther and wider across the spectrum.

So I say, try to remain calm, be more helpful, be compassionate, listen more, criticize less, enjoy small pleasures, and be humble. Always come with conviction, purpose and a mind full of soul and you automatically start the healing and repairing process. The things we can do to improve can go on forever.  If each of us does a little bit of good each day, we will be stimulating the growth of our planet, our God-given universe!  Embrace what you hold dear.

The brain may not experience compassion until the heart leads the way – Frieda People








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