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The Wheat from the Chaff

We all have been disappointed sometime in our lives.  When we are kids, it seems like it happens more times than not.  Most of us learn wrong from right and take desired measures to correct our mistakes, achieve goals and live peacefully within our own souls.  As we become adults and more mature, we begin to navigate our lives in directions that suit our needs, thus controlling our destinies.  We become less frustrated within ourselves and more productive from gaining knowledge and using our God given senses.

You may say now, how is it possible that my desires seem less important and even disturbing to others. Why do they care about what I do and say?  And more troubling; why are they stopping me from being the person I was meant to be? What threatens them by doing what I want or speaking up and out?  I’m not hurting anyone and yet, it seems like I don’t have undeniable rights anymore?  It has never crossed my mind before that the inalienable rights I was born with may be a thing of the past.  If I have always lived my life as a creative soul, this presents a problem to my very existence.

It’s back to being a kid again, so to speak.  I’m sad and amazed that what I took for granted as a free-spirited individual must be stifled. Is this alright with you when it happens?  If you peel back the layers of what is being presented to you and why things must change, are you buying it?  Or is the little kid in you back and more rebellious of the notion and albeit, more confused than ever?

I’ve become irate and ashamed of myself for not taking the Constitution more seriously for what it represents.  I refuse to go down easy for anything that is not liberty.  If peeling back layers of words and current actions are unappealing to you, then take back your divine destiny by taking from history, then go forward proclaiming they shall not take away my truth from me.  I ask you, “Can you even discern the wheat from the chaff?”  If not, wake up, stand up and fight for every right you were afforded at birth.  Demand integrity that will protect your own dignity, then in others, with honor!

“Sincerity always emanates from the heart and gut. Stripping away at its core may result in lesser truths.” -Frieda People

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